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I had my first encounter with yoga back in 2001, when I took a class out of curiosity. Since then, I have never looked back and over the years I increased the amount of time dedicated to the practice of yoga. Meditation and yoga helped me balance a stressful job as an interpreter, and my quality of life and sleep improved dramatically since I started practicing.

I undertook in 2011 a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India, with Himalaya Yoga Valley, and I have been since attending numerous workshops and trainings all over the world in order to deepen my knowledge of the multiple aspects of yoga. In 2013 I did a Yin Yoga TTC with Integrated Yin Yoga, in Spain.

In 2015 I decided to attend the 200 hr Samayoga teacher training in Bali to keep deepening my understanding of yoga, specially the more devotional side of yoga, and to find the voice of my heart.

I am also very interested in meditation and it's effects on calming the mind. I have attended three 10-day silent vipassana meditation courses, in Nepal, Thailand and India.

I am also an NLP Master, and a certified life coach. I am honoured to be able to teach others what has helped me immensely in my life. I firmly believe that yoga is for everybody, and it's my deepest desire to make yoga accessible to as many people as possible. I teach a personal mix of different styles, concentrating on making the practice accessible to everyone, offering modifications as needed, and practicing ahimsa, non harming and total acceptance of my students. I am currently a traveling yoga teacher, teaching and learning yoga all over the world.

What some of the students say

"I joined Laura for the first time for a retreat in beautiful Sifnos in 2018. It was a wonderful experience with a perfectly balanced programme with time both for hikes, yoga and 'me-time'. The groups are not too big and in addition to being an excellent teacher, Laura is also a great guide and host who makes everyone feel comfortable. I highly recommend joining Laura on one of her travels and have already booked to join her again in 2019!"
Emma, Sweden, participant in the September 2018 Sifnos retreat
We have been in three retreats organised by Laura (Sifnos, Lesbos and Goa) so we think we know Laura quite well by now. What makes Laura’s offers always so successful…? What is so special about her…?
To begin with, before organising a new retreat, she always explores thoroughly the place and its surroundings (sometimes during weeks or even months!!). Hence her retreats offer all those details that make the difference: the secluded beach in Sifnos, the fishing boat trip in Lesbos, the local market in Goa, etc. Besides, because she knows all the places so well, she is able to combine authenticity and comfort (clean hotels, excellent food, comfortable beds, very friendly service, etc.). The whole lot at very competitive prices.
But she is not only a very efficient organiser. She is also a very competent teacher!! Whether you are a newcomer or an advanced yogi she will always offer different options in the sequences so that you can make the most of each class. The whole course accompanied by a delightful music.
And last, but by no means least, Laura is such a good person!!! Wherever she goes she irradiates a good atmosphere and makes everybody feel welcome in a very natural manner.
In short, if you are looking for a memorable yoga experience in a nice surrounding with a good company Laura is always the safest bet J J.
 Isabelle and Jose, participants in the Goa, Sifnos and Lesbos retreats

"I went with Laura for a yoga retreat in Sifnos Island last year. Everything from A to Z was perfectly organized. A small local hotel in the olives garden with a view on the blue Mediterranean Sea managed by the wonderful Greeks hosts. Every day we had two yoga classes, more yang energetic one in the morning and a more yin restorative one in the evening. We closed every day with a feeling of spiritual fulfilment surrounded by great souls.  Laura organized a few hiking tours on a breath-taking trails around the island.  We rented a small local boat and went for a sea walk with a skipper telling local stories and legends.

I would strongly recommend any retreat with Laura. And she has got a beautiful smile that says it all.

Namaste".Monika Moens de Fernig, participant in the May 2017 Sifnos retreat


I have followed Laura's Yin yoga class on a regular basis for one year. I find her sequence very well thought (and explained). I particularly like the way she mixes words/explanations and silence/music. For the more demanding postures she always offers different options so that participants can choose the one most suited for them. I have also followed her Hatha yoga classes on a regular basis. Same feeling here
But beyond her "technical" competences in both styles (and maybe as important) she is able to create a very friendly and relaxing mood for all participants (whether you are a newcomer or an old hand).
In short Laura's teaching is a great exercise for the body but it is also very appeasing for the mind.

Jose Iturri, student in Brussels and participant in 2016 Goa retreat


I practiced Yin Yoga with Laura for little under a year, and I can warmly recommend her as an attentionate, communicative and warm teacher. Her classes are often as much a bath for the mind and spirit as a wonderful practice for the body. My most "soulful" yoga teacher thus far.

Inger-Lise Ostrem, student in Brussels


I have had the pleasure of following a handful of classes with Laura, as my schedule did not allow me to attend more unfortunately. Each was a breath of fresh air (literally) infused in my body and a space for calm and regeneration. Yin is a practice that requires patience and Laura has allowed me deepen the release into the postures and ground myself in my body. Enjoy!

Nerina Cocchi, student in Brussels


Laura is an extremely warm, engaging, nurturing and talented yoga teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Having spent extended periods of time immersing herself in the study of yoga, meditation and other related areas, in India and other parts of the world, she has excellent knowledge of a wide variety of yoga styles, including, Hatha, Asthanga, Iyengar and Yin. She also recently completed her second 10 day silent meditation retreat in the Vipassana tradition.

Barbara Mahon, student and fellow yoga teacher


Laura is a very motivating and reasuring mentor. Through her compassionate and clear voice she will lead you from her deep knowledge and sense of observation. She will wisely correct you so that you improve in safety and self development. A great yoga teacher no matter your level.

María Hervás, student in Brussels and participant in the Alpujarras retreat in 2014 and in the 2016 Goa retreat


Soul and smile
Laura is a wonderful yoga teacher. She knows how to make you feel at ease with her soothing words, gentle manners and wonderful smile. When the class is over you feel refreshed, calm and relaxed, looking forward to the next one! I highly recommend her, her classes always make me feel better.

Mónica Heras, student in Brussels


Laura is an excellent yoga teacher. Very much attentive to your personal capacity and needs, never forcing but encouraging to new limits. I have been doing yoga with her for almost three years on a weekly basis and it has been the best remedy for my back tensions and bad postures after 8 hours in front of a computer.

Isane, student in Brussels


We had a brilliant time on the retreat, the yoga was amazing and the location was one of the most beautiful places we have have been to in a long time! Authentic and truly magical. My mom has already said she hopes to come on your next one but that she will fly into Granada and take the bus! Hopefully I will be able to come along with her too!

Skye, participant in the yoga and hiking retreat in the Alpujarras, 2016


I loved it and would like to stay another week, the mountains, the calm, the combination of yoga and walking, is awesome! Thank you very much, namaste!

Jana, participant in the yoga and hiking retreat in the Alpujarras, 2016


In this place you forget what is irrelevant and you rediscover what is essential in life. It is so enjoyable to learn how to take care of your body, to hear that where you are is where you should be. And all is done with love, from flowers in the room, through great meals and wonderful walks, shared in a friendly manner. In a place which is authentic, like the people who are giving all their love and time.

Gwenaelle, participant in the yoga and hiking retreat in the Alpujarras, 2016


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