Kousmine-Budwig cream

Dear yogis!
This weeks recipe is the Kousmine-Budwig cream, a detoxifying and delicious power breakfast recipe. It was developed by two doctors and it’s an excellent way to kick off the detoxification process every morning, while giving your body all the nutrition it needs.
Ingredients (for 1 portion)
4 Tbsp low fat cottage cheese/quark or yoghurt
2 Tbsp organic flaxseed oil
1 small ripe banana or 2 tsp honey
the juice of half lemon
2 Tbsp of freshly ground flaxseeds or 6 almonds, 6 hazelnuts, or any other type of nuts
2 Tbsp oats, millet, buckwheat…
1 portion of seasonal fresh fruit
Mix the cottage cheese or yoghurt with the flaxseed oil in a bowl until you obtain a rich white and creamy blend. Grind the nuts or flaxseeds and the cereals. Crush the banana with a fork. Add all the ingredients to the cottage cheese-flaxseed oil mix and blend together.
Apart from being a rich source of calcium, iron and zinc, this breakfast is rich in linolenic acid (healthy fats) and provides substantial levels of vitamins and minerals.
Everytime i have this breakfast, i’m full until lunchtime and i don’t feel the need to have a snack during the morning. It’s worth trying! Enjoy 😛

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